Organizing as Self Care

As a professional organizer, I can’t stress the importance of self care enough to my clients.

Self care (tending to our mind, body, and spirit) helps reduce stress and anxiety. This practice is very important, especially when we are feeling at our worst. Most people think of face masks, bubble baths, or taking a nap when they hear the words self care. These are all great options! And today I want to discuss another way to practice self care: organizing.


How, you ask, is organizing a form of self care?

By taking care of our outer environment, we are also tending to our inner world. Tidy space, tidy mind, and all that jazz. When we declutter our space, we are creating a calm and serene setting for our brains to slow down.

Creating a home for everything means clean up is easy and we have more time to enjoy ourselves. The actual act of organizing can be a very soothing method of self care for some. Try it! Take one small space (a single drawer for example), give it a good sort and see how you feel when you’re done.

If you need help with getting organized, reaching out to a professional is a great option as well. (And an excellent form of self care).